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Hello there and welcome to Dream Cat Role-Play, or as the members here prefer to call it, DCRP. This forum was founded and is run by Opal. This site has four clans to roleplay in, FeatherClan, RippleClan, SwiftClan, and SnowClan and also has other fun activities to do. If you need help, contact Opal through PM or something along those lines. If you don't have an account, please please please get one cause the site will be even more fun when there are more members. And if you do have one, log in.

Happy roleplaying!
Dream Cat Role-Play
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This site is for warrior cat roleplaying based on the series by Erin Hunter. By Opal.
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 DCRP Rules v. 4.0

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DCRP Rules v. 4.0 Empty
PostSubject: DCRP Rules v. 4.0   DCRP Rules v. 4.0 EmptyMon Feb 04, 2013 7:18 pm

Basic Rules

1. Be kind to others. This is just common kindness. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2. Don't try to start fights. Fights are bad and fights make members leave, and we want them to stay, so if you are going to fight, we are going to delete you.

3. No spamming. This is pointless and most of the people that spam are idiots. Spamming includes: double posting, one word posting, pointless posts.

4. No powerplaying or godmodding. You cannot control another person's characters. You have your own for a reason.

5. No double accounts. One account is all you need, why would you ever need two?

6. Mild swearing. Please stop cursing, you are driving me insane. Replace these hurtful words with stuff like fak, betch, shet, crud, heck ect.

7. You can have at the most 8 characters at one time. Feel free to put their names in your signatures.

8. No pornographic content. No. Nope. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. This is highly inappropriate and there are young members on this site.

9. No trolling. This is pointless. Why would you seriously waste your time trolling?

10. No asking for personal information. This is rude and highly looked down upon, also common internet safety. If another member is asking you questions you do not want to answer, report it to the founder immediately.

11. Don't give out your address, full name, or the name of your school. Seriously, this is common internet safety. Do you wanna get raped or killed? I don't think so.

12. Respect those at higher ranks then yours. The staff should be respected at all costs. They try their hardest and work to make this site a better place.

13. Don't expect that if someone is new, they are stupid. Give all new users a chance. Some might have more knowledge than you.

14. Be nice to new members. We want our new members to stay here, not to leave immediately.

15. Opal was here, herpyderp.

16. TRY to use grammar. Nobody wants to decipher some dumb post that has no grammar. I like to keep things neat and clean.

17. TRY to spell words correct. You could spell a completely different word that has a different meaning.

18. Correct your typos. Please correct them, we like to be able to read what you write.

19. Please do NOT use chat speak in posts. It is SOMETIMES okay in the chatbox. Nobody wants to decipher this and it is grammatically incorrect.

20. Swift was here, hyperspeelfailz...

21. No asking to be staff. This is rude and will not be tolerated. You can only earn a staff position. You have to actually deserve it.

Have fun! We like it when our members enjoy themselves here.
Please do NOT copy these or I will report you. Got it? get it? Good.

EDIT: MAY 8TH 2015
The founder has discontinued rule 6 as long as every member agrees not to swear excessively or around younger members. Remember that the cats in the books did not use human swears. Most of the swears have really screwed up censors anyways so by swearing you just might make a huge fool of yourself. Thank you for your time.

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DCRP Rules v. 4.0
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